Please note - disclaimers
We will endeavour to ensure figures are kept periodically up to date. At time of publishing in print or online all figures are accurate as from July 2017 to July 2018. New figures will be released per quarter – the next being around November/early December 2018.
Most figures are averages. We have also endeavoured to take out outliers in the statistics by ‘flattening’ them using standard statistical methods such as mode, median, standard deviation, etc. However, seasonal fluctuations do occur and the very nature of breaking news causes spikes and dips.
Much of our data is collected and reported by third parties and we are not responsible for their systems or its accuracy (hence why they are INDEPENDENT from us – which is a good thing!). While every effort has been made to ensure figures and stats quoted are accurate, we have rounded most numbers down to save space on the page or easier to read (and where we’ve rounded up for neatness it’s tiny fractions, not thousands! E.g. on Gender we rounded down the split on Male from 60.17% to 60%, and rounded up Female from 39.29 to 40% because 60:40 looks neater). We also can’t account for human error but always happy to get clarification where errors of typing or miscalculation have occurred. We are an open book, and the ONLY independently audited newspaper in the UAE. Come and see our stats if you want, just get in contact.

If you or your colleagues have any questions about these, please contact us via the contact page.

Our sources and providers
Google Analytics and DFP – form Google we have tracking code on our websites, apps and advertising. from this we are able to get metrics on advert viewabiilty, advert CTRs, leads generated, site traffic volumes and depth of engagement. We have this independently verified by Narratiive metrics too. Lotame – one of the world’s best and most trusted Data Management Platforms, Lotame DMP provides us with the trend demographics, behaviour and purchase intent for millions of people around the region who also use our site. Giving you highly targeted audiences. Chartbeat – one of the leading media metrics companies in the world their tracking code on our site delivers accurate information on user behaviour from pageviews to scroll depth and time on site and user loyalty. Narratiive – an independent organisation that runs surveys on sites in the region for qualitative, declared data (from real people!), plus quantitative demographics and behaviours from the world’s and the region’s leading audience data companies including MediaMath, Lotame and so on. They have tracking code placed on our site and our competitors and therefore we are able to compare like-for-like audience behaviour, engagement and demographics. Messagant – Our Email Service Provider gives us data on email, email opens, CTR, audience segmentation, etc. Media Research Council and the IAB are internationally recognised as industry-leading bodies setting standards for Advertising measurement and best practice. From them we have get our benchmarks. MozPro delivers SEO metrics.
* Financial Times empirical research (2015) into Cost Per Hour and the link between viewability, engagement and brand recall - ** The Guardian research (2012) on content engagement and advertising effectiveness: