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We attract a wide range of dynamic, cosmopolitian and influential audiences. So when you pair your brand with our REACH and CONTENT, the results are powerful and effective.


Because it matters to you
We are the UAE’s newspaper of record and the No.1 English speaking newspaper in the UAE and No. 3 in the GCC. Our mission is to provide trusted, fact-checked, brand-safe editorial with the latest breaking news, information, insight, lifestyle and entertainment because that matters the most to our audiences.
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Because it matters that
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Across desktop and mobile with our new responsive site, we’re more accessible than ever before, reaching audiences where they are – on the move, at home and at work. Whatever the device, we deliver podcasts, video, news and entertainment. And we’ll be constantly expanding the Gulf News digital universe in 2019.
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What matters to them?
Affluent Generation X
35-50, our audience over-indexing on high net worth individuals. Whether Luxury, Education, Travel, Your Money, Business, or Opinion (around 3-4 minutes on average per visit), you’ll find this discerning crowd there.
Business-savvy Professionals
Not only do we over-index on high-earning Professionals and Senior Managers but our Business section is one of the busiest in the UAE, with 2.85 million monthly pageviews on average (most of those mobile) and an average of over 6.5 minutes on site combined per day. Our Property section and Sectors on Aviation to Tech, get high traffic. Our market analysis and focus on local business stories get depth of engagement and time on page.
Loyal and Elusive
Around 70% of visitors to our site are loyal returners (especially on mobile), are largely direct traffic, coming to us over 8-16 times a week, using gulfnews.com in their browser. So, not just finding us on search engines or on social media, but coming straight to us. Making them a consistent audience you can build a relationship with on a brand-safe platform.
Ambitious Millennials
25-34 year olds are our largest audience. They like our site for Travel, Business and our Going Out pages get over 3-4 minutes time on mobile on average where they look for Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and weekend deals away. You can also find them checking out new Tech and the latest releases or gadgets.
Socially-mobile families
Young families with 1-3 children come to us to find out what to do in the UAE, how tos, lifestyle advice and more. Our Going Out (formerly Guides) section gets 2.4Million pageviews per month on average. Travel, Families, Business, Your Money, Health and Education are hot topics.
Educated, Fashion-conscious Travellers
Over-indexing on College or University educated audience for MENA, our Travel sections get a high time on page at over 4 minutes on average on mobile and Fashion over 2-3minutes on site per visit on average.
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Engagement and ROI

Because they matter the most to you
Data-led targeting
ad inventory
Advertising works. Especially when it’s relevant, engaging and delivered within a brand-safe environment that people trust. You only have to look at research across the web including the Financial Times* and the Guardian** to see what we mean.
It’s not just about our new, fast, sleek website.

It’s also our cutting-edge approach that marries data analysis, audiences, editorial creativity and highly targeted yield management to get results for brands and advertisers. All in a brand-safe platform reaching sought after audience segments. We want to help you reach your ROI. Getting your valuable dirhams reflected back in awareness, engagement, leads…or all three…is why we’ve created a better online experience for our readers but also a creative, engaging, lead generating portfolio of rich media advertising and content marketing. Some of our engaging mobile campaigns have gained 50% completed view conversions on 30second video ads.
All that and
the team that can deliver too….
From viewability, completed video views to lead generation, we have multiple case studies proving our successful engagement of audiences. We also have the in-house expertise in yield management, editorial, social, video, audio, digital/social or print media strategy and developers to provide the latest tech and advertising ideas. Whether reaching audiences through custom or lookalike campaigns on social or SEO, email direct marketing, remarketing and paid search our expertise goes beyond journalism to digital consultancy. From the right time of day, to contextual advertising delivered to highly relevant audiences, right down to device-specific inventory, our aim is to help you get the right message to the right audience when it’s most relevant to them and get you that sales lead.